About Krustyz LLC

A Little Maple Syrup and Some Habaneros Craft a Sauce Worth Peddling!


A passion creates a hobby.
A hobby generates a business.
A business established for retirement.
A retirement fostered for the next chapter of life.


I began my railroad career at the tender age of 18. After four plus decades of railroading it was now time for retirement and the push forward to construct the next chapter of life’s journey.

The business card says Grill Master, the company name is Krustyz LLC. Krustyz LLC is a Minnesota based bbq sauce company. Dedicated to marketing premium crafted bbq sauces and seasonings. With great passion, Krustyz created all the recipes which are produced in small 30 gal batches for the sauce and 50 lbs. batches for the all-purpose rub. Controlling the quality and consistency of these premium crafted products.

When did the light bulb turned on for Krustyz? A recipe challenge started between a younger sister and me. My sister had our mothers bbq sauce recipe. When I tried some, I turned to my sister and said, “I can make better sauce than this.” With an avid passion for barbequing this became a challenge worth captivating! I dug in, grabbed every bbq cookbook that I had, frantically searching the internet for any morsel of information, I took a little from here and a little there. After making a batch, I would bring it to work, let the guys sample it, taking suggestions on how to tweak it here or there. That’s how I came up with a part of the name Railroad Barbecue Sauce.

The name Krustyz? Well, my family name is Rusty, but one of my nieces would always call me Krusty Rusty. Thus, the z was added to become Krustyz Railroad Barbecue Sauce. Six to seven years later, I had recipes ready to share with the world.

The turning point was while attending Entrepreneurship and Small Business classes. I was presenting my business plan to the class. At that point in my life, I had not given very many presentations and I made a lot of mistakes. At the end of my presentation, I noticed the instructor looking at me and he told me to come talk to him after class. Thinking I bombed my presentation, many thoughts were running through my head. I met with the instructor right after class and was asked one simple question. Do you have anything you can market? “I said, “I make a damn good barbecue sauce!”

It took off from there. With encouragement and guidance over the next few years, Krustyz developed a caricature, product branding, an all-purpose rub to add an extra layer of flavor to the barbecuing process, and continued building the Krustyz foundation for the next chapter of life’s journey, retirement!

Let the journey begin!



“It’z Krazy Good!”

Thank You for Your Support!

Krustyz LLC